Grade 6 and 7 boys and girls have the opportunity to play Volleyball during the fall. The teams will play other schools in the division and wrap up with a tournament. Each school gets a chance to host the tournament at the end of the season. 


Grade 6 and 7 Boys and Girls get the opportunity to play on the schools Basketball team. Each team will play teams with in the school division during with winter. Each school has a chance at hosting the end of season tournament. These after school circulars are heavily dependent on parent volunteers to run. 


Grade 6 and 7 students will get the opportunity to show their skills at badminton with a tournament in the spring. They can participate as Singles, Double or Mixed Doubles. 


Grades 1-7 have the opportunity to participate in baseball come Spring. This extra curricular is heavily dependent on parent volunteers and play teams local to them. The league will wrap up with a tournament during Fathers Day weekend Held at the Leslieville School grounds.